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CBD Helps manage pain symptoms, naturally and effeciently



Unwind, relax and get that good nights sleep you've been needing



Delicious treats designed to help manage pain, anxiety and inflammation



The best all-natural pain solutions for your best friend, in their favourite flavours

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All our products are third-party tested and authenticated. Drawing from various holistic models and medicines, we collaborate with the best-in-class brands to help you feel the best possible. All-natural and pure, our CBD Products help alleviate pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety. Browse our product range to learn more.



At Dr CBD we’ve harnessed the power of nature to create health and wellness products that are trusted and effective. Premium ingredients ensure quality and efficacy in all of our products. Since 2019, we’ve been passionate about creating top-shelf products that will help you achieve your ultimate health and wellness goals.


We offer a range of products, making self-treatment fast, natural, and effortlessly easy. That’s why we only use well-sourced, Canadian ingredients that we use ourselves— ensuring consistency and the integrity of our products. These fast-acting CBD products show results instantly, so you can get back to prioritizing your life, and continue living to your best abilities. Don't let the pain slow you down.

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CBD Oil in Canada

"I want to thank you for making a CBD product for cats. I've been looking for one for a long time. My kitty is highly anxious and it is hard to find an any CBD products for cats. She loves it, and asks for it all the time. I can see a difference in her, she's more attentive and affectionate. I would like to request more flavours! Thanks again!"

Janelle S.


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