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How to Measure Dosage of CBD Tincture

CBD tincture made its debut in 1940 by an organic chemist named Roger Adams. However, it was not until the late 1980s that clinical studies began. There is still much confusion over the use and effectiveness of this holistic substance. Claims continue to be made regarding how it works and what doses are appropriate for good results.

CBD Tincture vs. CBD Oil

These two terms are used simultaneously but are different in the way that they are manufactured. Both are equally potent in ingredients and use, but tincture is alcohol-based while oil is oil-based. You may be confused over the labeling of CBD oil, CBD tincture, and CBD oil tincture. This should not worry you as much as the actual strength of the product.

Understanding CBD Tincture Dosage

The strength of CBD tincture is measured in milligrams (MG). Placing drops under the tongue is the purest and most aggressive form of receiving maximum effect. This can be confusing if you purchase a bottle that is measured in milliliters (ML). Follow this formula to obtain your desired strength:

Divide the listed CBD weight by the total content weight of the bottle. Example: 200 mg CBD divided by 10 ml bottle = 20 mg CBD concentration.

Understanding the ratio for a dropper is the next step in measuring a dosage. There are approximately 20 drops in a dropper or 1 ml. Follow this chart if you are confused:

  • 250 mg container – 8.3 mg CBD per dropper

  • 500 mg container – 16.6 mg CBD per dropper

  • 1000 mg container – 33.3 mg CBD per dropper

  • 1500 mg container – 53.3 mg CBD per dropper

  • 2500 mg container – 83.25 mg CBD per dropper

Recommended Dosage

Each person is different in how much CBD tincture will work for them. Starting slow is the best rule of thumb or consult with your physician for a starting measurement. When you place the drops under your tongue, hold the liquid there for approximately two minutes for maximum absorption. You should begin to feel positive results in 15-60 minutes. Repeat every 6 hours as needed.

Always purchase your CBD tincture or CBD oil from a trusted company. Read the company's background information and compare pricing, depending on strength. CBD can be a great product for naturally easing pain, improving sleep, and reducing stress. By following the guidelines of measurements and finding a solid company, like Dr. CBD Canada, you will discover the healing powers of holistic medicine.

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