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CBD Classic’s Gourmet dessert flavoured CBD Tinctures are sugar-free, and guilt-free. This all-natural CBD product instantly helps alleviate symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation and insomnia. With third party lab test results to prove quality and efficacy, this product is a great natural alternative to medicine. Available in three strength variations - 500mg (mild), 1000mg (medium), 2000mg (strong) CBD with zero THC.



Ingredients: MCT Oil, Pink Lemonade Flavour, CBD Isolate (hemp-derived), Xylitol (sweetener)



500 mg Bottle – 16.6 mg of CBD per full dropper

1000 mg Bottle – 33.3 mg of CBD per full dropper

2000 mg Bottle – 66.6 mg of CBD per full dropper


Success with CBD is all about finding the right dose, so check out our CBD dosage guidelines and usage. CBD Classics uses CBD that is Third Party Lab Tested and comes only from Canadian Grown Hemp. 

CBD Classics - Pink Lemonade - 60mL Various Strengths

  • MCT Oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil), Pink Lemonade Flavour, CBD Isolate (hemp-derived), Xylitol (sweetener)

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